Somehow, someway, you have stumbled upon this strange, bland and unintersting land known as a blog. It’s decor seems to be lacking, and when you look around, all you seem to see are musty old books and relics from years past. Two figures stand before you in the distance, hefting boxes and pages up and mumbling under their breath. Upon closer inspection, you realize that it is indeed just one figure, a female with dark hair, gaunt and lanky frame, and eyes hidden behind thick glasses. That other figure you mistook for a figure, seemed to just be a mirror of that other girl. A mirror that seems to hold no frame and reflect only that of the girl. And then, after even closer inspection, you realize that the figure in the mirror seems to be wearing different clothes and moving in an un-mirror-like fashion compared to the girl, in that she wasn’t mirroring that girl’s movements. The girl in the mirror notices you as you approach and leans over to nudge her other self. When the real girl straightens up and turns to look at you, you realize that you weren’t mistaken after all.

That wasn’t a figure in a magic mirror. The two girls standing before you are just twins.

Welcome to T Squared. I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m sure it’s just a stroke of luck (on our part, maybe not so much on yours) and not the fact that you’re stalking us. In that case, it would be a stroke of luck on no body’s part, because we’d be weirded out very much so.


What you have entered is just this empty and drab place that we haven’t decorated yet. Or I haven’t decorated yet. I’m very lazy. So far I’m just working on filling up these empty halls with old stories that myself and my sister have written. Very soon, however, this empty and drab place may become more lively with characters and worlds and nefarious plots as we continue to fabricate them. So prepare for world destruction, heroic and unusual characters, strange coinicdences and lots and lots of mistakes. We are amateur writers after all.

I mean. Not writers. Creators. Let’s go with creators.

Well, browse at your own risk.

****NOTE: This website is still super incomplete and it’ll be a whlie until all the content is up and running. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of ‘no Posts related to this content’ sort of stuff. ****


1 thought on “Welcome!”

  1. I’m not going to lie. The opening paragraph had me laughing hysterically.

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